Q & A with Verina, Sage Institute of Massage graduate and Melbourne United Intern

Verina - Sage Institute of MassageAs you probably know, Sage has recently commenced a partnership with the fabulous NBL team, Melbourne United (MU).  We are still bouncing around with excitement about this announcement…but we’ve got even better news! Some of our lucky Massage and Fitness students have been fortunate enough to be able to participate in an internship program with the MU guys.  Sage Institute of Massage graduate, Verina is one of them. To get to know Verina, we asked her some questions below. Stay tuned for more about her MU internship!

1.   What is it that motivated you undertake a training course in massage?

I’ve basically been sitting behind a desk for 20 years and needed to feel more active.  I also wanted to make more a difference in people’s lives. It’s amazing what you can achieve in life if you feel fit and healthy!

2.   What aspects of studying at Sage did you enjoy the most?

I worked full-time during my studies and the Sage course fitted in really well with my schedule. The teachers were fantastic, knowledgeable, patient and excellent mentors. There is also great comradery amongst with fellow students. You’re massaging each other every time you turn up to class so you need to have a good bond! It’s great to bounce ideas off each other – I’ve made some really good friends that I’m sure I’ll stay in contact with.

I also learn better with face to face training rather than online theory modules, so the Sage course delivery suited me well.

3.   What is your ‘dream job’?

The dream job is to work for a sporting club, helping to keep athletes in peak form and travelling with them to games. So the opportunity with Melbourne United basketball is really a bit of a dream come true!

4.   What are some of the biggest learning challenges you came across during your course?

The human anatomy is very complex and at the start of the course I actually didn’t realise how much we needed to learn. The biggest challenges were finding ways that worked for me to retain the information and then ensuring I put some time aside to review it.

5.   What do you enjoy most about working with massage clients?

Having someone at the end of a massage let you know they are feeling amazing and seeing them be able to move better, or to reduce or eliminate their pain is incredibly rewarding.

6.   What advice would you give a new student commencing their course at Sage?

Make sure you set aside regular study time to review your notes, pick a day and stick to it. There are also some great anatomy phone apps out there that will enable you to visualise each bone and muscle. The more review time you do early on, the less stressful the assessments will be.


7.    What does this Melbourne United Internship means to you?

Well, as I said, it’s pretty much a dream come true as my perfect job would be to work within the sports industry. I love hitting the gym myself and understand the frustration of a niggling injury that prevents you from reaching your goals. This a perfect opportunity to work with elite athletes whose sports commitments mean that they have to be in top shape all the time.

8.    What excites you most about the opportunity?

I’m most looking forward to working and learning from the team physio’s, and developing my massage and taping skills to suit the sports industry.  And just the chance to be smack bang in the middle of hype that the NBL offers. The games, the crowd and atmosphere…

9.     Tell us about your history before Sage.

I’ve been an office worker for most of my working career, mainly in the medical and financial sectors in Personal Assistant roles. Although the jobs have been great, they are not necessarily rewarding and I’ve always been looking for active hobbies to keep me busy and fit. I’m not the type of person who can sit forever behind a desk, so the Sage Remedial Massage Diploma was a great opportunity to change careers and pursue something more active and rewarding.

10.      Who is your biggest inspiration, and why?

There really isn’t one person who inspires me. I’m naturally drawn to people who are ‘doers’. Those that have a goal and do everything in their power to achieve it, regardless of the obstacles in their way.

Sage Institute of Massage – it’s more than a job, it’s a rewarding career.

Vicki Richardson

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