Massage Music Part II: the must-read list for massage therapists

Music for massage - must read lists for therapistsFor those of you that have just started reading, this is Part II of our two part series on massage music. In Massage Music Part I , we talked about the most relaxing tune ever and why music and massage are such great complements.

When it comes to playing your selected music for massage, you can always play CDs, but in addition, you may find it much easier to stream music from your desktop, laptop or MP3 player.

Music for massage and licensing

If you are playing recorded music while working professionally as a massage therapist, you will need the appropriate licenses. In essence, the owner or operator of any business that wants to play recorded music needs to obtain a licence from the Australian Performing Rights Association (APRA). You may have to get separate licences for playing live performances and on-hold music.

Fear not however, annual licences are not very expensive – and it’s only fair given that recording artists have given their time and efforts for your benefit. You can find out more about the required licences at

Given that there is so much to choose from in terms of massage music, below is a guide and summary of some recommended artists and tracks.


“Mozart for Massage”
Soft, gentle classical tunes specially chosen as suitable for massage music.

Purchase on Amazon here:

“Mozart for Relaxation”
An incredibly popular series that is definitely worth having in your collection. The only downside is that like the others in the series (Bach, Chopin, Beethoven, Brahms, Vivaldi), there is usually one operatic track which may not be the best for massage music, which you may need to deselect.

While you’re there, have a listen to Brahms and Beethoven in the same series.

Purchase on Amazon here:

Celtic New Age folk singer and musician Enya is big enough to create her own category, so we’ve given her one! Like or dislike her music, she’s undeniably successful and is a staple in the relaxation and massage music genres. Her single “Only Time” from the album A Day without Rain reached the US top 10 and is the biggest selling new age music CD of all time, selling more than 16 million copies.

Many people love Enya’s music. If you’d like to find out if you’re one of them, check her out on iTunes or YouTube.

Purchase on Amazon here:

Even if you’re not a big fan, new age music can have its place in the massage room. To experience this type of sound healing genre, check out Steve Halpern’s Music for Massage.

Purchase on Amazon here:

You can read more about sound healing here:

Sounds of the ocean and waves crashing have always been a favourite for massage music, so it pays to have at least one of these in your collection. (Arguably, the ocean doesn’t change that much, so if people love the sound of the ocean, this could hit the spot). The collection below is very calming and doesn’t have any of those oh-so-realistic, but oh-so-annoying loud wave crashes that could throw your clients off the table in fright…

Purchase on Amazon here:


Michael Strening Jr
This Chicago-based pianist has produced some wonderful relaxation music. He also credits massage therapy for allowing him to return to his music career after previously suffering from chronic wrist pain. Look out for “Falling Water” and “Mist and Sand”.

Purchase on Amazon here:
Falling Water:
Mist and Sand:

With iTunes, you can access a colossal amount of music for massage. Just have a mosey through and see what takes your fancy. You’ll be able to mouse over and sample the music so you can try before you buy.

Yes, some things in life do get better! Over time, technology has made music much more accessible and affordable – even free. There’s plenty of live streaming music available online. With some companies, you may have to pay to play if you want your music without ads or a greater selection of music, but there are still a lot of options. Here are some great sources:

Music for Massage - free and almost free music - Sage Institute of Massage

8tracks: 8tracks is a great place to make your own playlists or discover other people’s playlists.

Spotify: This company needs no introduction and streams millions of music tracks online. Build your own playlists, or make the most of ready-made playlists made by others that have similar tastes or similar purpose to you – including ready-made music for massage. You can play it on all your devices, and it’s super-easy to use. You can listen for free or pay a minimal amount for the premium version.

Pandora: This company streams interest and genre-based Internet radio free (with ads) or at an affordable price (premium).

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