Bruce Graham, Certificat IV in Massage Therapy
“Working in Automotive Packaging is hard work. I saw the ad for Sage Massage in the paper and gave them a call. I did check out a few other schools but ultimately chose Sage because the schedule was flexible and fit my schedule. During the course I enjoyed the relaxed, friendly atmosphere and enjoyable teaching styles. Now I’ll be able to set up my own business and work from home.”
Melanie Parncutt, Certificate IV in Massage Therapy student
"I’ve always worked in retail, but I found the Sage Massage ads too catchy to resist and decided to look into the course. I’ve really enjoyed the experienced teachers and their great, effective, teaching methods. Soon I’ll be able to open my own Sports Clinic with the qualification and knowledge I’ve gained at Sage."
Janice Bellin
"I used to be a full-time receptionist at a real estate agency, but when I decided to switch careers I went with Sage Massage because the class times were the most flexible I could find and it had a professional environment. I’ve found it to be a fantastic place to learn and grow as a massage therapist. This course will definitely help me reach my ultimate goal of working as a sports massage therapist."

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