Is study available full time and part time?

Yes – we offer flexible full-time and part-time massage courses with affordable payment plans including:

Call our friendly career advisors on 1300 889 889 if you would like to discuss which is the right option for you.

How do I know if I am eligible for State or Federal Government funding?

Students are assessed individually according to strict government criteria. While the majority of students at Sage do qualify for government funding and enjoy significant cost savings on course fees, not everybody is eligible. Call our friendly career advisors on 1300 889 889 or visit us in Elsternwick or Melbourne to discuss your eligibility.

Do I have to do an introduction course before commencing the full Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice?

No – the Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice is our entry-level massage course. Students can commence without any prior training. Students may also opt for our extremely popular Combined Certificate & Diploma course.

Do I have to complete Certificate IV before doing the Diploma in Remedial Massage?

Yes – our courses are designed for sequential learning. The first step is to complete our foundation course, the Certificate in Massage Therapy Practice and then advance to the Diploma in Remedial Massage. However, students can also opt to combine the two courses with our extremely popular Combined Cert & Diploma course.

What’s the advantage of choosing the Combined Cert & Diploma course?

By signing up for the combined Cert & Diploma course you will save money on course fees. Graduates of the Combined Cert & Diploma course will qualify with both the Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice and the Diploma of Remedial Massage. Alternatively, the Cert IV and Diploma of Remedial Massage can be studied as individual modules. Call our friendly career advisors now to discuss which option would bet suit you.

Do I have to buy textbooks?

No – all textbooks and course materials are included in the course fees.

Are there any extra fees involved?

No – Our fees are fully inclusive and include your manuals, workbooks, textbooks, Certificate 1 and First Aid Courses. All students will receive a free massage table and two Sage Institute of Massage polo shirts on commencement of their massage course.

Is Sage Massage a Registered Training Organisation? What is a Registered Training Organisation?

The Australian Careers Institute Pty Ltd is a registered training organisation (RTO) managed by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). The RTO trades under the name of Sage Institute of Massage.

What work experience do you provide?

All students must complete a compulsory work experience module at our student massage clinic in Elsternwick. This work experience exposes our students to a huge diversity of patients of all ages, genders, ethnic backgrounds and social mixes, providing an excellent practical grounding for our students to prepare for life as a professional massage therapist. Our students are also exposed to diverse clinic opportunities through multiple external events like triathlons, marathons, professional sports clinics, exhibitions and expos.

What experience do your teachers have?

The teaching staff at Sage Institute of Massage offer unrivalled expertise, dedication and passion in the massage training industry. Specialists in accelerated learning techniques, our massage trainers are amongst the best practitioners in the industry, drawing from ‘real world’ professional experience at massage clinics to educate and inspire. Many of our teachers run their own external massage therapy practises and have worked in exciting fields such corporate massage, osteopathy and physiotherapy. Others have worked with elite athletes nationally and internationally including the AFL, Australian Open and Olympic Games.

In Certificate IV of Massage Therapy Practice, do I have to choose between studying Sports and Relaxation massage?

No – unlike some massage colleges where you must choose between one or the other, Sage Institute of Massage offers both as part of its Certificate IV course. Our massage instructors ensure that every student has the best possible grounding in all the fundamentals to ensure success with your massage career.

What is the workload like outside of the contact hours?

At Sage Institute of Massage each student must complete a minimum of 32 hours in our student massage clinic and 10 at home, making for 42hrs in total. Our student massage clinic functions as a professional massage therapy clinic and provides excellent “hands on” experience with clients, preparing you for an instant start to our career. The home component can simply be with family, friends or charity organisations. There are also course workbooks to complete which generally require up to two hours per week.

Do the fees have to be paid “up front”?

No – we understand that people enjoy the convenience of making payments over time. Accordingly we have a three and four year payment plan. Nevertheless paying an upfront fee does give a financial saving over the long term. Call our friendly career advisors on 1300 889 889 or visit us in Melbourne or Elsternwick to discuss a payment plan for you.

What massage associations can I join with my qualification?

Various professional massage therapy associations recognize our courses including:

Australian Association of Massage Therapists – www.aamt.com.au
Association of Massage Therapists – www.amt.org.au
Massage Association of Australia – www.maa.org.au
Massage Australia – www.massageaustralia.com.au

The Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice course qualifies you for membership at massage therapist level and the Diploma of Remedial Massage qualifies you for membership as a remedial massage therapist.


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