Touched by an Angel: Sage, Meshel Laurie & Nova FM create their own heaven at the Royal Children’s Hospital

Affectionately known as ‘Sage Massage Angels’ for the heavenly respite Sage’s massage students give to the community, our ‘Angels’ had one of their most memorable days yesterday at the Royal Children’s Hospital right here in the heart of Melbourne.

angelScores of people turned up to the event when our Sage Angels set up shop for their free massage in the Family Resource and Respite Centre from 10:30 AM till 1:30 PM. There were plenty of tired Mums and Dads of sick kiddies staying at the hospital, some of whom had spent the entire night lying next to their children, who were definitely deserving of some pampering and care.

But it wasn’t just tired, worried parents who availed of a heavenly therapeutic massage: carers, staff and pretty much anyone in need of a relaxing remedial rubdown all queued up to ‘feel the love’ from the Sage Angels.


Nova 100 + Meshel & Tommy’s breakfast team
It was a fantastic event and heaps of fun! Our favourite radio personality Meshel Laurie from Nova 100 was there with Meshel and Tommy’s breakfast team, helping to organise the event and keep everyone happy while they waited in line for their massages. Of course, it wouldn’t have been the same without mascot Nova Boy, looking resplendent in his ruby red trackie, adding laughs to the day.

With only four massage students and one trainer, we were blown away by how popular and in-demand our Angels were, and we’re already making plans to have more students on hand at our next event.

The more you give, the more you get
The Royal Children’s Hospital is renowned as a great Children’s Hospital and it’s easy to see why. Its staff are thoroughly committed to improving the health and well-being of children and adolescents, and their values include working in partnership with the community, respecting the rights of others, and believing that how they work is as important as the work they do. The Royal Children’s Hospital is not just a place where people simply do a job, the staff heal with pride in their workplace and love in their hearts.

At Sage, we identify closely with these self-same values. We know first-hand how rewarding it is to make a contribution to the community and help people in need with therapeutic massage.


We’re thrilled that our “Sage Massage Angels” were so well received yesterday. Our thanks once again to Meshel Laurie and the team from Nova 100 and of course the Royal Children’s Hospital for hosting us.  A special word also to the brave children at the RCH and their wonderful parents – a big get well soon from everyone at Sage.


Sage Institute of Massage – it’s more than a job, it’s a rewarding career. 

Vicki Tuchtan

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