Top 10 Study Tips That Will Make You Love Learning

Study: frankly, it’s underrated! And not just because it helps you learn things. Once you understand how to study and give it the time, effort and respect it deserves, you’d be amazed at how easy it is to retain knowledge and thrive in the classroom. Here are our top 10 tips to get you in the groove…

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1. Find your time

Are you a morning person? Or do you study best in the evenings? Figure out when is the best time of the day to get your thinking cap on and work with it.

 2. Your study room – get stylin’!

Make your study a cool place to hang out.  A desk squeezed into the corner of a dark room is no fun place to be. Just a little bit of makeover magic is well worth the effort. Is your room clean, uncluttered and attractive? Is there fresh air, a good computer screen, a pot plant or access to music? Do you have a comfortable chair? Go on, put some effort into making it your own special haven – a good study environment makes such a difference.

3. Plan your time

Study doesn’t just happen, folks! Set aside time in your diary, set an alarm –but plan your study time – and stick to it.

 4. Study regularly

A little study each day goes a long, long way to covering a course curriculum. It all adds up and keeps your study topics fresh in your mind. And hey, if you don’t like stress – it eliminates the dreadful panic of last-minute study binges.

5. Don’t expect miracles

Develop a little faith in yourself, and don’t tell yourself that you’re bound to fail just because you don’t feel excited about studying every moment of the day. We all have times when our brains feel like they “just don’t work”, when we’re tired, distracted or just not in the mood. Learn to understand these periods and work with them. Choose to do lighter tasks on these days, or spend more time reviewing or flicking through a manual. No one feels like Einstein all of the time!

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6. Keep motivated

Part of being a success in whatever you do in life is gaining the skills to keep yourself motivated and disciplined, even when you don’t feel like it. Remind yourself why you wanted to study massage in the first place, and do whatever it takes to keep those “motivators” at the forefront of your mind. Put pictures on your walls, write notes to yourself and find ways to keep yourself enthused about your goals.

7. Take breaks

If the motivation isn’t a problem and the opposite is true, that you drive yourself into the ground trying to overachieve, you’re highly likely to suffer from burn out at some stage and you may even find that you don’t do as well as you would like. So take a break, have some fun and recharge the batteries!

 8. Make time for reviewing

Reviewing and revising work is vitally important to cement the new material you’ve learned. This can be a relaxing experience. Take a small amount of time out and quietly go over your notes; use a highlighter pen where needed or just read over your notes in a slow, relaxed manner, giving yourself time to review the material and let it sink in.

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9. Discover your learning style

This is something that we love to talk about at Sage. Not everyone learns the same way. Some people are visual, while others like to be physically involved in the process. These are the main styles of learning:

  • Auditory learners (learn by listening) If this is you, have a think about downloading lectures or webinars onto your iPhone and listening to them while you go for a walk or bike ride. Not only will you improve your learning, but you’ll get a workout in too!
  • Visual learners (learn by seeing) If you respond well to visual cues, think about getting creative and making notes on a whiteboard using different coloured pens. Print out images or documents and put them on your study wall; stick brightly-coloured Post It notes to your desk, or create diagrams and illustrations to clarify your ideas. For many people visual cues are simply essential to learning – it doesn’t all have to be text books
  •  NOTE: When studying massage, we just have to mention the “Anatomy & Physiology Colouring in Books.” These are such a great way to learn your anatomy, so if you haven’t picked up one already, grab a book and some textas now and get colouring!
  • Tactile learners (learn with a hands-on approach) this could be anything from physically drawing on your own body, learning and practising massage through touch, or building models to help you learn your material. Whatever works for YOU! 

10. Keep yourself healthy

Remind yourself to keep your body on an even keel. Stay healthy and stick to a routine; regular sleep patterns, meals and exercise make a huge difference.  Your body (and brain!) will thank you for it.

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