Student Spotlight: an interview with diploma student Elaine Phan

Nothing pleases us more than meeting a happy student!  At Sage, the students are always our focus, we aim to give them the best possible education and all the skills required to get out in the workplace and embark on a successful, rewarding career.  Elaine Phan recently graduated from her Certificate IV in Massage and she enjoyed her experience so much, she is now enrolled to do her Diploma of Remedial Massage. We caught up with her recently and asked her to give us some feedback about the course…

Elaine Phan at Sage Institute of Massage

Real people, not just numbers
“Initially, I was going to enrol in a course offered by another educational body, but instead changed my mind and enrolled with Sage Institute of Massage. The staff made me feel that I was significant and important – both when I was enquiring about massage courses and for the duration of my student life. They helped me find a last-minute spot in the course, which saved me waiting three months. All of the staff were extremely professional, friendly and courteous.”

“Also, a massage table and textbooks  were supplied as part of the package, which is not usually offered at other institutions – fantastic!”

Everything is included in the course fees: the massage table, the books, the lot!
“Sage supplies every student with a massage table and textbooks, so you won’t have to find yourself scratching for extra funds. It’s all included. And, in case you’re wondering, the massage tables provided are excellent: fully adjustable and high-quality!”

Elaine also enjoyed the “easy to follow” textbooks and class presentation slides…
” These details made my learning experience easier and more enjoyable. As a mature age student that had recently left my job of 10 years, I enjoyed the fact that there were others in my age group and in a similar situation to me, as well as people from all other walks of life.

Sage Institute’s trainers are an energetic and dedicated bunch, and we’re proud to say we often receive great feedback about them.
“My trainer had a wealth of knowledge in her field. Not only was she extremely thorough and strict, which I appreciated, but she provided me with guidance on my future dreams and aspirations. In fact all of the trainers that I had for my classes were knowledgeable, friendly, and shared with us some of their interesting life experiences.”

More accolades for Sage’s career agent and resident superwoman, Amy O’Neill!
“Amy O’Neill, our career agent is the lady that makes things happen!  She is so approachable and always wears a smile. Thanks to Amy’s networking skills, we were fortunate enough to showcase our talents, as well as add experiences to our repertoire at wonderful events such as: The Melbourne Show; massaging at the 91.5 Smooth FM Radio stand; and worthy causes such as the Peter Mac Foundation Cure for Cancer ride in Hastings. Her amazing ‘careers board’ in the lunch area is a work of art! There is not one lunchtime that goes by where I don’t take a sneak peek of what’s on offer. We also receive regular emails about job opportunities – it’s always so motivating and inspiring to receive one of her many job vacancy emails! This keeps me excited about the prospect of gaining employment before I open up my very own clinic upon completion of my diploma!

“Thank you Sage for such an unforgettable experience… This is the beginning of my new purposeful life!”

An “unforgettable experience”
“I’ve enjoyed my course immensely, so much so that I’ve come back to complete my Diploma of Remedial Massage. Thank you Sage for such an unforgettable experience… This is the beginning of my new purposeful life!”

Sage Institute of Massage – it’s more than a job, it’s a rewarding career.

Vicki Tuchtan

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