OMG! So Cute! Kittens and puppies getting massaged. Just watch this!

Major Cuteness Alert: watch these awesomely cute puppies and kitties getting (and giving) massages.

Now, we all know the kitties and puppies rule the Internet, but we didn’t know that they took their massage therapy so seriously. Now we do. Take a look!


The Bengal Kitty Visual De-stress Technique

Can’t get to a massage treatment? Feeling stressed or a little tense? Watch this pretty Bengal Tiger kitten get some serious soothing action and you’ll be feeling better in no time. How relaxed is he!


The “I-Really-Need-This-Massage” Welsh Corgi

Too funny! Here is one Welsh Corgi that seriously looks like he’s deserved a massage. Note the limp arms and Oh-God-I-Need-This body language. Honestly, we’re wondering what on earth he’s been doing to need this massage so badly?

Suspicious Eye Action Alert: check out the bit of sly eye action to camera at approximately 48 seconds. Could he be letting us know that he’s in on the deal? (Sweet. Got these humans sorted.)


The Sage Diploma of Kitten Massage Therapy
It seems that Tabby Kitty here is takes his massage practice seriously. Does anyone know if he is currently enrolled in the diploma course? We can’t guarantee it, but under that green towel just may be a Sage massage table and by the looks of that spray bottle on the floor, he obviously takes hygiene pretty seriously.

But we need to tell black-and-white kitty that rolling over halfway through the massage (like, completely naked), and biffing your massage therapist in the head is Not Appropriate Behaviour!


Okay, so in this video possibly the most Adorable Kitty Ever in the Universe, is copying its Mummy.

Which has nothing to do with massage. Because, cuteness.

Sage Massage – it’s more than a job, it’s a rewarding career.

Vicki Tuchtan

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