Matthew ‘Richo’ Richardson officially becomes Sage’s new Ambassador

What can we say? We’re excited! Sage recently announced its smokin’ hot deal with Melbourne’s own superhero, Matthew ‘Richo’ Richardson. The legendary Aussie footballer and household name will be the official Ambassador of Sage Institute in 2014. Permission to get excited is now formally granted!

Talk of all things Matthew Richardson has made its way round the campus faster than the sporting sensation himself and our office has already organised several fun events where Richo has made an appearance.

Known for his affable nature and polite demeanour as well as his athletic prowess, the Channel 7 media star will be giving regular health and fitness tips throughout the year on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ pages.  There’ll be an upcoming interview with him on this blog and he’ll be participating in more TV and radio commercials throughout the year. Check out the photos on Facebook of Richo shooting our TV ads for Sage Institute of Fitness and Sage institute of Massage.

Free autographed books

We’ll be giving away 24 personally signed copies of his new autobiography, self-titled “Richo”. How do you get your hands on one? Stay tuned. We’ll be letting you know soon.

Facts about Matthew Richardson

Here are some fascinating facts about Richo that you may or may not know:

  • Most professional footballers have a career that lasts three years. Richo’s has lasted 17 seasons!
  • On his mother’s side, he was descended from an African American sailor who arrived in Sydney in 1840.
  • He was one of the best marks in the competition, and it is said he could have run for Australia.
  • Off the field, he was known as a humble, polite man who was always last on to the team bus – due to being busy signing autographs.
  • He’s kicked over 800 goals.
  • He stands at a huge 197 cm tall.
  • And – drum roll, please – he’s now an Ambassador for Sage Institute of Fitness and Sage Institute of Massage!

  Don’t want to miss a single moment of Richo fever here at Sage?

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Vicki Tuchtan

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