Massage therapy: so many exciting career options!

massage therapy career options - Sage InstituteIn case you haven’t already heard, massage therapy is a rapidly growing industry! Between now and 2017 it is estimated that between 10,000 and 25,000 job openings will become available for massage therapists throughout Australia.  Moreover, massage therapy is a highly flexible, well-paid career that could take you literally anywhere.  Let’s look at just some of the great options for qualified massage therapists.

Massage clinics
Obviously, working in a massage clinic would be high on the list of options once you have your qualification. You get to work with and learn from other massage therapists and you also get to access an established clientele base. This option may also give you important exposure to areas of specialisation that you might wish to pursue and allow you to start building your business management skills, which will be beneficial if you decide to open your own business later in your career.

Gyms and health clubs often incorporate massage in their services and this is another attractive option to investigate. You get to be around positive people actively looking after their health and there is a constant supply of potential clients. Remember too that this type of client tends to talk to other members, so if they like your services the word will quickly spread. The added bonus is that you might receive some fringe benefits regarding the use of the gym facilities too!

career in massage - Sage Institute of MassageDay spas and wellness retreats
Day spas are still as popular as ever with wellness and beauty being flagged as another big growth area in Australia. There might be a range of services on offer at a day spa, such as nails, waxing and other beauty treatments – a qualified massage therapist on site complements these services very nicely. Provided the day spa is located in the right area, there is likely to be a steady stream of people who would be more than happy to pay for regular massage treatments.

Sports bodies, clubs and other institutions
Sporting bodies, clubs and institutions like schools and universities often like to have their own ‘in house’ sports massage therapist, so it pays to look for opportunities at your local or favourite clubs. Many Sage massage graduates have excelled and gone on to successful careers with the AFL, Olympic teams and Tennis Australia, just to name a few.  If you’re a keen footy or sports fan, working alongside your sporting stars could be a dream career come true!

Hairdressing salons
Approaching hairdressers is another idea to consider. Quite a few salons are now incorporating massage therapy into the service offerings as the two can go well together.  Some of the benefits of combining with a hairdressing salon include: access to a reception area which is always attended; shared common areas and overhead costs; and often, inexpensive room rental. You could ask to take a room permanently, or lease it on an hourly basis depending on your needs and the proprietor’s flexibility.

Massage Therapy career opportunities - Sage MassageOpening your own business
Some graduates can’t wait to get out there and open their very own business. This is an exciting prospect and there are advantages and disadvantages to taking this path. The benefits include having flexible work hours and – depending on how and where you choose to set up – the possibility of working from home or your client’s premises, so you don’t need to pay rent.  You don’t necessarily have to do it alone either.  You can join forces with another massage therapist, or you may choose to work with other health care professionals such as a physiotherapist or chiropractor to share overhead costs, marketing strategies and facilities.

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Massage therapy travels with you!
Once you are qualified, massage can provide so many exciting career options.  Your massage skills can travel with you, whether it be working in exclusive resorts, exotic overseas locations or travelling the world in a cruise ship.  It is not a career that demands a 9-to-5 lifestyle, thus providing you with flexibility at different stages of your life.  You can set your own hours, location, and the environment you wish to work in – the ultimate flexible and exciting career!

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