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‘Football Fever’ is quickly gaining momentum with another hugely exciting AFL season approaching. Athletes are cramming in their final training sessions to prime their bodies for peak performance, and with physical conditioning being paramount, sports massage is a vital part of recovery. In fact, if it weren’t for sports massage, many footballers wouldn’t be able to get back onto the field.

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Given the footballers’ intense physical regime and the sport’s potential for injuries, their muscles are subject to repeated stresses and traumas.  By applying mechanical pressure to the soft tissues, circulation is increased, flexibility is improved, joints have a greater range of movement and stiffness is decreased. Aches and pains are relieved and injuries have a chance of a speedier recovery.

Footballers of all levels need massage to recover from the game and massage therapistsare always in hot demand by football teams, so employment opportunities are excellent. If you love your football, a career in sports massage could be a dream come true.

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At Sage, many students get the brilliant opportunity to be exposed to elite athletes in the AFL, through practical work experience organised by our dedicated Career’s Agent. This is the ultimate work experience opportunity for football lovers, which may even lead to regular engagement.

And football players are just some of the athletes you could meet! Sage may also organise work experience with Tennis Australia, Rugby Union teams – in fact, all sorts of sporting organisations. A career in sports massage means working closely with your favourite sporting star could quite possibly become a reality!

Sports Massage Career

Sports Massage is an essential competency of Sage’s remedial massage courseand is run by top sports massage professionals, like Mikael Purton.

Mikael Purton - Diploma Program Coordinator

Mikael Purton – our Remedial Massage Diploma Program Coordinator

Mikael is our Massage Diploma Program Co-ordinator and holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Health Science (Musculoskeletal Therapy) and a Certificate in Myofascial Dry Needling. A keen footy fan, Mikael was the sports massage therapist for his local football side Werribee Districts in VAFA for 2 years, where he honed his expertise managing rehabilitation and recovery for the athletes at the club.

Want to kick more goals? The Sage Institute of Massageis one of the few massage collegesto be a recognised RTO, so your training will be of the highest standard and your qualification will be recognised in every State in Australia, expanding your potential for a highly rewarding, sought after career.

If you love your footy, Sports Massage could just be your dream career – combining your passion with solid professional skills and an enviable income! Call the Sage Institute of Massage today on 1300 889 889.
Sage Institute of Massage – it’s more than a job; it’s a rewarding career.  

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