Full-time Vs part-time study – what’s better for you?

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Confused about whether to study full-time or part-time for your massage course?  Don’t be!  Sage offers a great range of flexible course options and choosing between the two is simply a matter of deciding what works best for your lifestyle. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons and see what works best for you…

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Full Time Study

  • You will be able to enjoy immersing yourself fully into the world of study! Living and breathing massage every day for a concentrated period of time is a fantastic way to stay focussed, network with like-minded students, get the theoretical and practical knowledge you need, and prepare yourself for your new career as a massage therapist.
  • Study time will be shorter – the sooner you qualify, the sooner your new career begins! Sage Massage are the industry specialists in accelerated learning, fast tracking you to an exciting new career in massage. If time is of the essence and you just can’t wait to get started, a full-time massage course will kick-start your career in half the time of a part-time course.
  • Start earning as a massage therapist sooner – with a new career in massage comes fantastic earning potential! The shorter timeframe required to complete a full-time course means you can start maximising your earnings as a massage therapist sooner!

Part Time Study

  • Keep earning while you study – if you’re on a tight budget, you have dependents or taxing lifestyle commitments, making time for full-time study can be tough and part-time may be a better option. Studying a part-time massage course allows you to make the transition to massage therapy when you’re ready.
  • Feel a bit scared about entering the world of full-time study? This is normal! If you’ve been away from either work or study (e.g. raising children) or have never studied before, the idea could be daunting for you, so easing yourself in slowly may be just the ticket. We have experienced career advisers who are used to answering all sorts of questions or concerns – so feel free to call us any time for a chat.
  • If you are already working in an affiliated health industry, part-time study may suit so you can absorb the information slowly and apply it to your current profession, deepening your understanding of the work and appreciating its relevance.

Students studying the full-time massage course at Sage take classes from 9am – 4pm, Monday to Thursday. Part-time students have options to study Monday or Wednesday (6-9pm) and Sat (9-4pm) OR Tuesday or Thursday (6-9pm) and Sunday (9-4pm). There’s ample flexibility to fit in with your busy schedule, no matter what your lifestyle.

Still confused? Call us up and have a chat on 1300 889 889. One of our friendly career advisers would be more than happy to discuss your personal situation in depth and work out the best possible option for you. You could even be eligible for state or federal government funding, call to check if you are eligible. We’re here to help!

Study with Sage Institute of Massage – it’s more than a job; it’s a rewarding career.

Vicki Tuchtan

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