7 Small business marketing ideas for your massage business (that won’t break the bank)

Small business marketing ideas for massage therapy business - Sage Institute of MassageOne of the biggest mistakes young business owners make is paying loads of money to market their new business. Small business marketing for your massage business is no different to any other small business, so getting the “how to promote your business” right from the beginning is easy if you follow tried and tested advice.

When you start out in business, you want to keep your purse strings tight. Arguably, most of you won’t have a lot of dollars to play with anyway, but you don’t need to go throwing money around – until you have a better understanding of marketing your business. For example, by waiting a little while before you spend money, you can discover what your customers want, who your best target market is, the best times of year to advertise, and get recommendations for paid advertising that give a strong return. (This way you can learn from other people’s failures, rather than your own!)

In the meantime, while you’re starting up, try some of these ideas. Not only are these small business marketing ideas tried and tested, but they’re cheap and cheerful, too!

Give it away

You might want to give away vouchers offering 20% off, or even 50% off (the bigger the discount, the better the result). Alternatively, you could park yourself at a public place, where allowed, and offer ridiculously cheap 10-minute massages, just to get your name out there. Make sure you bring brochures and business cards with you – for some quick small business advertising!

Have an information night

Invite the public along one evening, perhaps once a month, to explain the benefits of massage, answer any questions about problems or injuries they may have. Be seen as a leader in your field. You could have your staff there to give people cheap, mini massages. In business, anything that entices customers and gives them what they want is a good thing and it promotes your massage business at the same time.

Be informative

Help your new clients by answering any questions, (within your field of expertise) and reach out to your clients online through Facebook and your blog. Write informative articles they’ll be interested in reading – and sharing with their friends. Online presence is clearly one of the great marketing strategies for small business.

For more information on developing your online presence see our earlier blog: Building your new massage business website – a beginner’s guide.

Sponsor an event in your local community

Sponsoring a local activity or organisation is also a great method of small business advertising. It also shows that you care for the community, and people respond well to this sentiment. It makes you look proactive, positive-minded and helpful. All good things.

Attend networking events

Networkers, providing they have some talent in their chosen field, almost always do well in business. Always good for small business marketing, find out what’s going on in your industry or community and be a part of it. Not sure how to get in the loop? Join local business groups, specific industry groups about massage, physio, or wellness, look out for community groups on Facebook and meet up with like-minded people.

Create an event for other small businesses

If you’re looking to network locally, but can’t find much going on, why not throw your own bash? It needn’t be a huge affair. What about inviting every local business owner in your area to your venue for a quick Thursday night champagne and nibbles? People can meet, exchange business cards and swap ideas. You’ll find that others will welcome the idea because they, too, are keen to network and discover new marketing ideas for small business.

Your no. 1 small business marketing strategy: keep in regular contact with your clients

Local marketing: keeping contact with your massage clients - Sage Institute of MassageOne of the best small business marketing ideas is to find ways of maintaining regular contact with your clients. Email is probably the most effective way to do this. You may wish to email every month, or every second month, but letting your wonderful clients know what you’re up to, any news, or industry updates and perhaps throwing a special offer just for regular clients should do the trick – reminding them of your massage business and all that you have to offer.

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