4 reasons why people don’t book a massage and what YOU can do about it!

book a massage melbourneExcuses, excuses! When your new massage business is desperate for bookings, excuses can feel like Superman’s kryptonite to your (almost) invincible business plan. It’s so frustrating, you’ve done all the hard yards and know how great your services are. If only more people were enlightened about the benefits of massage!

Let’s look at some of the common cop-outs you may have already heard so that you can eloquently reply with a winning response so convincing, so captivating, that even your harshest massage critics will turn to pliable putty in your therapeutic hands…

I can’t afford it
What if it actually reduced your medical bills? There aren’t many of us out there that don’t keep an eye on our budget. The fact is that people only “afford” something when they see the value in it. If they don’t see any value or benefit, they are likely to discard the idea as superfluous. If the person making this statement pays money for other health services, particularly for pain or stress relief, medications or medical bills, then they could be missing something. Pointing out that a massage could prevent aches, pains, reduce stress and minimise the need for prescription drugs might help. These benefits can actually help save plenty of money and dramatically improve an individual’s health and sense of well-being. This may have them thinking they can “afford” a massage after all.

It hurts
Not really. A good massage therapist will always ask the client how much pressure he or she is comfortable with. Some individuals may have experienced a massage in the past that was painful – maybe a well-intended practitioner went a bit too far, or an early massage experience was focussed on easing something very painful, like lower back spasms. It needs to be clarified with your potential customer that massage needn’t hurt and shouldn’t in any sense be a distressing experience. In fact, it is important that the body fully relaxes during a massage and does not tense up with pain or it can become counter-productive. Always check in with your client to find out what’s comfortable for him or her.

I don’t have time
book a massage australiaIncluding a massage into your busy schedule is actually likely to help free up your time, as a massage therapy session will have you feeling more energised, relaxed and focused. Besides, we can all make time for important activities, particularly something as restorative and re-energising as a massage. Think of this time as a sound investment in your good health. It’s a time to de-stress as feel-good hormones are released, improving lymphatic drainage, boosting the immune system and relieving aches and pains. Regular massage is also a proven method of preventing injuries. Plus, it feels great! Now, who doesn’t have time for that?

I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the idea of massage
Some people don’t like being touched by someone unfamiliar and there can be many reasons for this. However, often when someone says this, it is because they haven’t experienced the wonderful, calming and therapeutic effects of a good massage! Whilst you won’t convince everyone who makes this statement, a good way to address it is to remind people about the standards and codes that apply to professional massage services:

  • Professional massage therapists are highly skilled and qualified practitioners who care deeply about the health and well-being of their clients
  • Professional massage therapists are registered and abide by legal codes of conduct that have stringent conditions about appropriate behaviour

Sometimes it just takes a little creativity and forethought, along with good communication skills to coax the uninitiated to dip their toe on the water. Just handle them gently, keep them informed, then before you know it they’ll be regular massage customers.

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Vicki Tuchtan

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